11 Ways to Bring the Cement Pattern Into Your Home Design

A Solid Trend

Up until a couple of years ago, concrete was typically relegated to basements, garages, and sidewalks. It wasn’t normally thought of as a material to brought into property houses, but recently, that all has changed.

The concrete pattern also referred to as the cement trend, is now a typical fixture of Instagram feeds. In addition to providing a durable structure, concrete is now being set up in homes as flooring, fixtures, and shelving. Sleek concrete is identified by its slick shine. Sealed concrete has more of a matte appearance and has a sealant that safeguards versus water and spots. Scored concrete has a grainy, textured finish. Designers and designers can supply a myriad of customized concrete alternatives for houses.

Although concrete may seem like a cold, flat product, it in fact has this impressive way of producing a neutral backdrop for many any design style– farmhouse, Bohemian, industrial, minimalist, among others. It’s lower-maintenance than some materials, such as hardwood flooring, and generally requires standard mopping and dusting. This beautiful home produced by ALL & NXTHING is evidence favorable of this.

The other significant aspect of concrete is that it’s not limited to flooring and components. Craftsmens have started using the product to craft unexpected decoration pieces, from candlesticks to planters and even lamps.

If you’re looking for a style element that’s unforeseen, fresh and will stand the test of time, look no more than concrete. Here are 11 blog writers, contractors, and designers who are doing it right.

A Strong Restroom Sink

Concrete is a strong, stalwart material to use for a restroom sink. Here, two sinks fulfill a countertop in a restroom constructed by NS Contractors. Its light color produces a soft, subtle combination for the bathroom while serving as an impactful style element in an otherwise minimalist area.

Concrete in the Cooking area.

In a contemporary farmhouse kitchen, concrete plays perfectly along with other design accents, like the navy blue cabinets and streamlined lighting seen in Lena Torres’ kitchen area You can include touches of concrete in your kitchen area, starting with an island or the countertop, or if you genuinely want to commit to the pattern, you can go top-to-bottom with flooring, countertops, an island, and even a backsplash. The grays will look fantastic compared with cabinets in a bold color.

A Concrete Bath tub.

A bathtub rendered in concrete, like the one here in a bath created by Kelle Contine, makes sure to be a showstopper in your bathroom. Numerous homeowners love their concrete tubs for their elegant quality and ability to offer a great, soaking bath. The installation is involved– they can weigh thousands of pounds and need a good deal of expertise to put in– however it will certainly be a timeless component that you can delight in for several years to come.

A Concrete Lamp.

Concrete has actually even made its way over to lighting, making up elegant pendant lights and working as light bases. Concrete lamps abound on Etsy, or you can attempt your hand at making this lamp yourself– simply follow the Do It Yourself step-by-steps or accompanying video developed by Cristina Ramirez of Flowers + Folk.

A Concrete Fireplace.

Instead of using conventional brick, stone or wood to build a fireplace, why not go for a striking choice and pick concrete rather, like Kenny Gemmill’s fireplace? Here, a novel fireplace has been crafted using concrete that stretches all the method to the ceiling, completing the contemporary, yet rustic, styling in the home.

Concrete Shelves.

Concrete is unquestionably a robust product to use for shelving. It can be depended upon to hold your heaviest keepsakes, and it has a note of innovative style too. You can make your own open concrete shelving by following Leigh Anne Watts’ tutorial on her website, Houseologie.

A Concrete Table.

For a dining table that has an outside-the-box vibe, look to concrete. It offers a strong surface area for household dinners, serves as a neutral phase for tabletop decoration and can be handcrafted by concrete companies, artisans or custom-ordered online. Endemic Design crafted the spectacular concrete table seen here.

Cement Floor covering.

Borrow style motivation from your garage and provide concrete its time in the spotlight– in the floor covering throughout your home, which is what Susanna Hawkins picked for her floor covering. In this space, concrete flooring with a just-right level of shine fades into the background alongside a boldly-patterned rug, warm furniture, and pops of green houseplants.

Concrete Planters.

Concrete planters can be found almost anywhere these days, from Etsy to HomeGoods, and apart from looking perfectly on-trend, they likewise protect your plants, shielding vulnerable roots versus windy and unfavorable conditions. Succulents are a terrific option for concrete planters like these planters from SeaMint, but if you’re not prepared to commit to a live plant, faux plants in concrete planters can be found quickly.

Concrete Walls.

Concrete flooring may be considered a daring style option, however to truly turn heads, translate that concrete seek to your walls. In Marja Wickman’s dining room, lightly-colored concrete walls allow the property owner to try out a range of design options, including Scandinavian-style furnishings and a contemporary pendant lamp.

Cement Candle lights.

Votive holders are turning to stone nowadays, with your preferred fragrances poured into concrete vessels. You can even find candlesticks made from concrete. Here, in a vignette created by Chris Carroll, a concrete candlestick is remarkable on a coffee table, weaving in the grays of the sofa and throw pillows.

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